Joining Our Group

We take in new children every year. If you would like your child to join, please fill in the form below so that we can add the name to the waiting list.

Registration for Beavers, Cubs and scouts takes each year.

  • Cost is €50 per child (€45 of which goes directly to Scouting Ireland nationally).
  • All existing Beavers / Cubs have to be reregistered that night for the coming year. If you wish to make alternative arrangements for paying the registration fee, please feel free to discuss with leaders.
  • Any new members also have to register that night.

Demand is often greater than the number of places that we have available. If this is the case, we will take applications on the night and then places will be prioritised as follows:

  1. Children of those who volunteer to help operate the group (e.g. as leaders / on a committee, etc.). The group operates on a totally voluntary basis, so people need to get involved. Forms to become a leader can be given out in advance – please don’t leave it to others – consider getting involved.)
  2. Children who have siblings already in the group. (If there are any siblings of current members looking to join, please let leaders know as places are very limited due to high demand.)
  3. Children living in the Ballisodare area.
  4. Length of time on waiting list.

We also try to ensure that we had a good balance between the number of boys and girls.

Beavers – Age 6 – 1st Sept & in senior infants
Cubs – Age 9 – 1st Sept & in 3rd Class
Scouts – Age 12 – 1st Sept & in 6th Class

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