Cubs – Chief Scouts Award (Church Group)

Older final year cubs would have received a chief scouts award Forms  this evening , they need to be back into the leaders by the next Week 1st December

About the Cubs Chief scout Award

cuibs-csaThe Chief Scout Award is about personal development. It, is centered on assisting the self-development of the young person. Each Scout must be in control of their own journey; and they, with the help of a Scouter, choose the individual tasks and challenges that will help them make progress towards the Award. While the award has specific criteria and has a more formal nature than other elements of the scouting programme, it is still a personally based challenge.


A Cub Scout should be in their final year in the section when they begin the Cub Scout Chief Scout Award.

On deciding to go for the award a cub fill out the forms (click here) and return to to their leaders.A Leader will then work with the individual cub to achieve the following

  • Skill: One Special Interest Badge from the “Skill” Area
  • Physical: One Special Interest Badge in the “Physical” Area
  • Community: One Special Interest Badge from the “Community” Area
  • Environment: One Special Interest Badge from the “Environment” Area
  • Scout Skill: Two Adventure Skills to stage 2; one Adventure Skills to stage 4
  • Expedition: Walking 20 Km over an 8 hour day
  • Residential/Intercultural: Shared activity with a group in a residential/camp setting for 3 days and 2 nights, must include an intercultural aspect

A minimum of 9 months duration.

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