Cubs – Hill Walking – Stage 2


 Hill Walking – Stage 2


I know what gear I need depending on the weather

o Cold – thermal layer , hat, gloves,scarf,

o Hot – sunhat, sunglasses,suncream

o remember  : about 1ºC colder per 100m height gain so we have to think about how cold it will be at the highest point

o also what about if we have an emergency and have to stay out at night ?

I know why you bring certain foods and drinks on hikes


Food is fuel and when you are hiking you use a lot of fuel

The first rule is to ensure you have enough fuel onboard before you start hiking – that means having a good breakfast at least an hour before you leave and we’re not talking a small bowl of cocopops here.

Then thoughout the day we want to refuel regularly (a dentists nightmare because we’re talking about snaking often).

We want foods which are high in carbohydrates and light to carry such as sandwiches, cereal bars or flapjacks, fruit cake, fruit or dried fruit especially banannas, and nuts.

You would need about 2 sandwiches, a cereal bar, two pieces of fruit and some raisins or nuts to get you though a full day hike.

Emergency Rations

What happens if the fog comes down and you have to shelter for the night, someone in the group has an injury, you miss the bus, or someone simply needs gets cold and tired and needs an energy boost. This is where our emergency rations come in – a couple of mars bars, a bananna and some chocolate, some glucoose sweets: whatever you like but it must be put into a separte container or plastic bag not to be touched unless in the emergency situation

I can point out the main parts of the compass



I know how to get help if someone is hurt

o  Leaders

o Emegrency Numbers  112 or 999

Depending on which emergency service you request, some of the typical questions that are asked are as follows:

•The exact address of the incident or emergency and/or any noticeable landmarks nearby
•Directions to the scene of the emergency
•The telephone number you are calling from
•Details on the incident itself, the number of persons involved, the description of any visible injuries and knowledge of any pre-existing medical conditions

It is important to wait for the call-takers instructions, try and stay calm and don’t hang up until they tell you to.


I can point out the different symbols and colours on a map and I know what they mean

Like to OSI maps symbols and colors

I can be a responsible member of my team while we are hiking

(Activity based )

I can get a weather forecast 

o Websites  –,

o Newspapers

o Radio –  Especially  the  sea area forcasts

o TV

I have attended at least three hikes

(Activity )

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