Cubs – Special Interest badges (2016)

What are Special Interest badges ?

Special interest badges are open ended badges that reflect the interest of the young person undertaking them. Any subject is possible and the requirements are designed by the young person in consultation and agreement with their Scouters.

There are five Special Interest Badge areas
Skills            – Any new personal skill e.g. technical, mechanical, music, crafts
Adventure    – An adventure journey that includes something completely new
Physical        – This can include any physical pursuit, activity or sport
Community   – Being involved in your community.
Environment – Any project that improves the environment.

The principle of ‘doing one’s best’ is the key feature of badges awarded in this area. The system allows everyone to choose what they want to do, it provides recognition for personal effort, rather than achieving a grade, so everyone has a chance to achieve the badge. Badge requirements are designed to allow exploration of the subject, develop and improve skills, and put the new knowledge into practice, preferably as a practical project which will benefit others. Each cub can do up to three challenges in each area.

How do I Design my Special Interest challange
Step 1 – Read the Booklet
Step 2 – Pick your subject of interest
Step 3 – Decide what Special Interest Area your subject of interest falls into.
Step 4 – Design your challenge in consultation with your Scouter or Mentor.
Step 5 – Complete and record the challenge in the agreed time.
Step 6 – Wear the badge with pride

The Challenge
When designing your badge it should :-
• Challenge you to learn new skills or develop existing ones
• Help to increase your knowledge of the particular area
• Contain a practical element which will benefit others.

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