Cubs – Overnight – info and Directions

Cub sleepover this on Saturday the 14th of November 2015.

This year we are using the local scout den in Sligo town which is situated at the Lungy (this is the road which runs beside the Hawkswell Theatre).

Dropoff @ 7pm  Saturday the 14th and
Pick up @ at 10 am on Sunday the 15th.

What to bring

Sleeping bag ground mat Pyjamas or a tracksuit
Spare set of clothes/ Cup/Plate Knife/fork/Spoon
Toilet Bag//Towel Coat and raingear A flash lamp

Note :

Please pack all in one bag only as we have a large group in a small hall

pack spare set of clothes in a large plastic bag

No Nuts or products containing Nuts

If you have any mediacal requirements please complete Scouting Ireland’s Managing Medication Form.  –

or if you have any concerns please talk one of the leaders

All cubs must have a permission slip signed to take part Available here


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