CSA – Community Special Interest badge

As Part of the Chief Scouts award we’re concentrating first on achieving community Special Interest Badge.

The project should show involvement in your community and take place using the cubs own initiative outside cub time. This could be a service type project and you should create a plan that outlines what you will do and who will benefit.

Examples of Project could include

  • Organise an Estate / Street Tidy up with you and your friends
  • Design an Awareness campaign and publish it on our Blog ( Stroke Awareness, howto Contact the emergency services…)
  • Organise a fundraising event that will benefit a community organisation.
  • Collect Clothes bags from Friends/family/Neighbours and drop them off to a charity shop
  • Sponsored Silence or readathon for Charity.
  • Sponsored Run/Walk.

Next Steps

  • Think of a good project
  • Fill out the Special Interest  Badge Form (Available Here)
  • Bring it to cubs by Tues 19th November and a leader will go through the form and approve.
  • Plan: What needs t o be done when and by who.
  • Do: Carry out the project take loads of photos etc
  • Review: Document the project (scrapbook Folder), What went well what could have been done better
  • Submit the project and receive the badge

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