Cub Hike 1st April

April 2, 2012

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Last Sunday (1st April) the Cubs went on a hike. They went up Knocknarea and then down to the Glen for some sausages and marshmallows. We met at 11:00 and after everyone arrived we set off up the mountain. It was a beautiful day for a hike and we met many people. Near the top we stopped to learn about what to do if someone falls and hurts their ankle. It was very informing. We stopped at the top for a small snack. The two scouts that had accompanied us went round the cairn to plant some eggs. They were all found in under a minute! We had some complaints about them being hidden in too obvious places. We headed back down after a little more rest time. On arrival at the Glen we set off searching for twigs and branches for a bonfire. The leaders set out a circle of stones to stop the fire spreading everywhere. After 15 minutes we had a good pile on reserve and in the circle. Once we had it started all we had to do was make sure there was enough wood on the fire. Many sausages were cooked and then lost at the last minute. One of the Cubs brought a big bag of marshmallows. We all enjoyed some toasted over the fire. The Cubs went exploring after we finished eating. We were late arriving back due to some shoe problems. It was lovely hike and thank you to the three leaders who gave up their Sunday afternoon.



  1. Excellent report on the cub hike, Aoife! You didn’t mention that the 2 Scouts went up Knocknarea a second time at the end of the hike. Or did ye??? We will never know…….

  2. Great Report Aoife – Photo’s look great !!

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