Details of Meeting June 2011 to plan for 2011/2012

13th Ballisodare Scout Leader Meeting Minutes

1. Beaver, Cub and Scout numbers for next year:

Current Sept 2011
Beavers 20 minus 10 cubs, plus 10 new beavers 20
Cubs 16 minus 6 cubs, plus 10 beavers 20
Scouts 14 plus 6 cubs 20

2. Leaders for next year:

Beavers Cubs Scouts
Mick Mary Powell Paul Geraghty
Paul Cunningham Martin Maeve Gawley
Trevor Paul Andrews? Eunan
Martina ? Alan Sayers
Marie O’Hara ? Boris

3. Registration Meeting is scheduled for 08 Sep 2011 for parent(s) of all beavers, cubs and scouts. Purpose of meeting is
• to confirm numbers for new scout year and distribute registration forms. Beaver/ cub /scout places cannot be guaranteed if parent(s) don’t attend.
• to provide information to parents with regard to scout activities (photos), when meetings are held, need for volunteers and new leaders, any special skills e.g. first aid etc….
• to discuss the new ‘One Program’

4. Cub and Scout one night camp to take place weekend of 10 Sept 2011 at Lough Keel (incl BBQ). Beavers will join group for afternoon only. Marquee not necessary. Maeve to book Lough Keel.

5. Consider asking younger members of community (18+) to assist/become leaders.

6. New business will be using Abbeydrive hall from Sept. Equipment will be stored in the hall and therefore make it cramped and unsuitable for scout meetings. Consider changing meeting venue from Abbeydrive to Corhownagh parish centre? Need to check availability for Weds and Thurs and rent. Ann Walshe to ask Eugene. Should also consider other possible venues eg St Marys or Avena (upstairs).

7. Gillian Waters went through ‘One Program’ form to assess progress towards implementing the ‘One Program’. She was happy that all items were complete and signed form.

8. ‘One Program’ training is tentatively scheduled for Sun 9th Oct 2011. Need to check availability of trainers/leaders.

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